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Our work in hospitals takes us into various departments.

We may be performing on paediatric wards to brighten the day of children and families, delivering participatory projects on older care wards, working with oncology to support those living with a cancer diagnosis or running a programme of wellbeing for staff and volunteers.

Pleese see below for our current projects, or get in touch if you would like to find out more.


'Outside in'

‘Outside In’ is a trilogy of bedside interactive performances for paediatric wards, imagining the outside in, through sensory and visual delights. 

'In comes the Countryside' is the first performance in the trilogy and currently available for bookings.


'In comes the sea' and 'In comes festive spirit' are in development in partnership with UCHW and will be available soon.

'This is the first time I have seen my daughter smile in 5 days, she is in so much pain and this has brought her relief, thank you so much it is wonderful you are doing this'
Reimaginging stories picture.jpg


‘Reimagining stories’ is a year long  cross arts and reminiscence project for patients on the older care wards at Rugby Hospital including those living with memory loss, and those who may have a dementia diagnosis. 

Sessions include movement, song, stories, costumes and origami making and give space to share past stories, as well as be present together in the moment.

This project is kindly funded by UHCW Charity

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