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'Outside in'

'Outside In' is a trilogy of bedside interactive performances for children and their grown-ups on paediatric wards, imagining the outside in, through sensory and visual delights.

'In comes the Countryside' and 'In comes the sea' are currently available for bookings.


'In comes festive spirit' is in development in partnership with UCHW and will be available soon

In Comes
the Countryside


'In Comes the Countryside' brings the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside to the hospital bed, through live music, physical theatre, puppetry and origami. We take patients on a sensory and interactive journey through nature, full of birdsong, feathers, kite flying and magical transformations, to amaze, lift their mood and brighten their day.


'In comes the Countryside' is performed by a musician and a dancer / puppeteer.

'This was beautiful and very special, you have made my daughters day a positive one, Parent

Now available for bookings!

Please get in touch to find out more

In Comes the Sea

‘In comes the Sea’ sees the hospital bed transformed into a boat ready to set sail on a nautical journey, bringing sounds, sights, and creatures from the sea onto the ward. This immersive experience is brought to the bedside by 2 performers, through live music, physical theatre, storytelling and puppetry Think sea shanty, vibes with interactive moments of delight!


‘We were spellbound, how beautiful and what a tonic, thank you' Parent


‘You have created such a wonderful atmosphere on the ward today, it has been so lovely to have you here'  Nurse

Now available for bookings!

Please get in touch to find out more

In Comes the Festive Spirit

‘In comes festive spirit’ brings a big dose of festivity onto the hospital ward, through live music, physical theatre, storytelling and puppetry.  


This show is still in development, but will incorporate Barefooted’s fun, interactive, uplifting style of making work and will aim to bring joy to children and families, with interesting characters to meet and festive delights to experience. 

In comes the festive spirit_edited.jpg
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